Mastering the Cross Sale in Skin Care Business

You already know what it means to “upsell”, right? If not, that is a major component for success in any skin care business. Essentially, in the upsell, you are encouraging your clients to buy a “higher end” product than one considered to be a bit more basic. For example, if you are someone who sells wholesale skin care, you might upsell the serum version of a product over the lower priced cream version. However, do you know about cross selling? This is when you encourage a client who is already buying a product, such as a collagen product for anti-aging to also purchase a complementary product such as a deeply penetrating HA serum, too.

So, if you have any sort of skin care business (dermatology office, spa service, or salon), you should always be looking for ways to provide high quality upsell and cross sale opportunities. Both come with very distinct benefits to your wholesale skin care business and are very effective when used together.

Let’s look at the examples we’ve already considered. You are giving a client some treatments like a facial or some exfoliation. You tell them that you are going to use your high-quality stem cell serum rather than the cream to give them a bit of anti-aging “boost”. As part of their treatment you are also going to apply an anti-aging cream, such as a collagen cream you already sell through the skin care business. You tell them that the hyaluronic acid (HA) serum you have available is a good finishing touch, and achieves whatever benefits the collagen did not.

In those simple steps, you have upsold and cross sold three components of your wholesale skin care line. Now, if you read that and thought, “I can’t be worried about upselling and cross selling all of the time”, there’s good news. If you do it right, you typically only have to do it once, and then your skin care business benefits from the ongoing sales of those wholesale skin care products you suggested.

Business Experts Agree

It doesn’t matter if you are in the car or the skin care business, all of the experts agree that anyone in sales (and though you may be an esthetician, dermatologist, spa or salon expert, you are also in sales) must use such methods. A Harvard Business Review article in late 2016 explained that cross selling is one of the most important patterns for long term success, and your wholesale skin care business will benefit greatly from targeted efforts.

Clearly, you have to view your clients as skin care patients, first, and provide them with your skilled and expert care. However, as you do that, it is important to assess their viability as a buyer of your skin care business products. Can they benefit from the collagen products you sell? Maybe they have some under eye darkening that could be helped by the peptide creams you offer from JabaLabs? Maybe a person in their mid-40s has never done any sort of ongoing skin care. This means your wholesale skin care line could provide the ideal solution, and trigger repeat visits and sales.

Cross selling is a great way to build the bottom line. Selling those products that complement one another is actually far easier than making the upsell – getting someone to purchase the higher priced version of a product. Be sure you offer the very best products, understand their individual properties, and promote them by using them in your treatment chair and having actual reasons to recommend them, and you will see your sales boom in a very short period of time. Even better is that you have set the stage for those ongoing sales that nurture your business’ growth.


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Mastering the Cross Sale in Skin Care Business