Do you want to make money selling skincare products?

Did you know that most of the leading online sellers (including both eBay and Amazon) list skin care products as some of their biggest and hottest categories? Did you ever notice how large the skin care sections are in department stores, pharmacies and big box stores? This all makes a lot of sense since so many people are becoming more and more aware of the need to begin skin care regimens as early as their 20s. Does this mean that offering up skin care products for resale is a good idea for your spa, salon or skin care business? Absolutely!

However, it is important to realize that it is not just any old wholesale skin care products that will start generating income and repeat business. One of the key issues is popularity, or even familiarity. For example, famous name brands typically garner a consumer’s trust faster than one they’ve never seen or used. Additionally, when a product boasts of certain ingredients, but which are not as familiar as others, those products may fail to generate a lot of excitement or attention.

When you begin considering which skin care products for resale you will offer, it is best to start with a single idea: alignment. You have to align your products with those characteristics described above – they have to be recognizable, containing known and proven ingredients, and they have to address the most common complaints. Yet, there is a bit more to alignment.

Align Your Wholesale Skin Care With Your Treatments

While it is likely that you would make sales by offering a general array of skin care products for resale, it ignores the most basic principle of any skin care business, and that is that your resale clients are often your most reliable repeat clients. Especially if the products you sell to them were first introduced during treatment. Selling only the wholesale skin care products you actually use in your treatments (i.e. aligning sales with practice) ensures your clients will both want and trust the products.

Finding the Trendiest and Hottest Skin Care Products for Resale

What if the treatments you offer or the products you use do not fall within the “hot” description? This is actually quite unlikely because the general trends in skin care will ensure you have several wholesale skin care products in demand. For example, consider something as simple as anti aging or skin tone. These are issues that everyone is interested in addressing, and your skin care products for resale are going to always include a few reputable formulations.

The important thing to understand is that whether selling them directly from your shop or office or online, you have to position those products as offering the “hot” solutions.

Let’s consider something like a Collagen+C formula from JabaLabs. It features a lot of descriptors and results that easily categorize it within the very hottest wholesale skin care products. It includes 100% vegan ingredients, making it eco friendly. It incorporates effective hyaluronic acid that boosts collagen production and deeply moisturizes the skin, while the all natural vitamin C helps with repairing and protecting.

In other words, it is an anti aging product that repairs environmental damages while leaving the skin more toned and dewy – a lot like it was many years earlier. Clearly, this would let it fall within any description of the hottest skin care products for resale.

So, as you start to choose the wholesale skin care products you wish to sell, remember that hot simply means improving the skin and promising long term results through consistent use. Whether you do use terms like anti aging, evening of skin tone, line or wrinkle reduction or other well known terms, if you explain the ingredients and use quality goods, you will grow a market.


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Do you want to make money selling skincare products?