2 – 32 oz. Peptide creams

2 – 32 oz. Peptide creams


Great profit maker for facials or resale at less than $5 per ounce

Sell it in 1 oz. bottles easily at $20 ,  make 4 times your investment

Made fresh weekly and comes with free fast US shipping

Heavy duty bottle and pump for  trouble free dispensing



Total ingredients: Rosehip seed oil, sorbitol, sorbitan olivate, centella asiatica, hyaluronic acid serum, argireline, matrixyl 3000, snap-8, vitamin C ester, Vitamin E, leucidal.

How to use: Apply a few drops of peptide cream before going to bed.


The 2 bottles of Argireline Peptide Cream are mostly bought by our wholesale customers that are looking for the ultimate value in high quality anti aging creams. It costs less than $5 per ounce when you apply the coupon code today at checkout. Imagine the profits you can make if you re-bottle it in 1 oz. containers and sell it for $19 on Amazon or Ebay, you will almost make 400% profit on your investment.  There are very few high quality anti aging products that offer such a high margin of profits.

Become Younger While you Sleep

 Our Faitoz-25 Argireline peptide cream is packed with 25% Argireline, 15% Matrixyl 3000 peptides and it is enhanced with rich antioxidants like rosehip seed oil and centella asiatica extract. It also contains low molecular weight hyaluronic acid serum to insure the peptides reach deep into your skin and give you anti aging results. This formula also contains Vitamin C Ester and Vitamin E. One big additional benefit this product provides for your skin is that it has been organically preserved with Leucidal which has been Ecocert certified to be used in organic skin care formulas. Leucidal is derived from radishes.

The Face Shouldn’t be a Wasteland

Most of the time, retaining water is a bad thing.  Our feet and hands swell, our kidneys take issue, and the doctor takes a much more active interest in how fast our heart is beating.  It’s as if everything and everyone wants us to deplete ourselves of moisture….save for our skin.  As the human body gets older, the cells within our skin layers start to break down, causing a dismissal of water and collagen.  This in turn causes the surface to lose elasticity and opens the doors to wrinkles and tiny lines.  Yet, up until now there was nothing that we could do about.

Peptides are aminos found in the dermis and epidermis layers of the skin.  They’re known for their tiny statures and were later discovered to be the by-products of longer aminos that were broken up when the collagen contained inside them stopped producing.  Peptide cream is a safe, natural way of re-starting those collagen build-ups by seeping deep in the cells and alerting the bigger aminos that the level of peptides is increasing and the skin is therefore in need of more collagen.  More collagen means more firmness and strength to the skin which in turn “pushes out” small lines and wrinkles from the inside out.  Other products, even the popular Retinol A, are designed to be applied on top of the skin in an effort to make things smoother and lines less noticeable.  Yet this is a quick fix at best and more and more applications are required as skin moisture keeps depleting and wrinkles become deeper.

Peptide cream is the only product on the market today that attacks signs of skin aging from the inside out.  The cream is spread over affected areas where it quickly soaks in and starts to make adjustments to cell productivity almost immediately.  Once the new collagen starts building, the area will take on a more pillowy, plumper appearance which will push on visible skin from the underside and literally “punch” wrinkles out.  This is roughly akin to a balloon being filled with air, albeit on a much tinier scale, but the same results will apply as surface tensions ease and skin “inflates” to make the outer layer completely smooth.  Lines, even those that have been around for some time, just fade away and the individual is left with a healthier, more attractive appearance. It’s like getting a mini-facelift in every jar!

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2 – 32 oz. Peptide creams