2 oz. Stem Cells Serum

2 oz. Stem Cells Serum

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How to use: Clean and dry your skin. Use StemCellin serum during the day. Gently massage 4 drops of StemCellin on your face until it is absorbed completely. For best results, complete StemCellin cream at night before going to bed.

Total ingredients: Water, rosehip seed oil, vegetal glycerin, hyaluronic acid, xanthan gum gel (from fermented sugar), apple stem cell culture, lecithin, citric acid (from limes), ascorbyl palmitate (vitamin C ester), tocotrienol (vitamin E), potassium sorbate(natural preservative from mineral salt).


Does it seem possible that an apple tree could be a key to more youthful skin? It is; and several scientific studies have shown direct links between the stem cells of a rare but long-living apple tree in Europe and skin rejuvenation. This should be good news to our clients who use our Apple Stem Cells Serum in the 2-oz. size or larger.

Stem Cells and Skin

Of course, a major buzzword in the world of anti-aging is stem cell, and it may come as no surprise to many that it is stem cells that can be used to cue the human skin to restore itself to a more youthful condition. However, it is a surprise to many that it is an apple’s stem cells that are being used to create such profound results.

As one study indicated, it is the slow pace of self-renewal in human epidermal skin cells that causes a problem and can leave us with too few of these key cells. When that happens, it is the dying skin cells that outnumber the newer and fresher cells, and our skin begins to age. It loses elasticity, develops lines and wrinkles and cannot hold moisture as well.

Our Formula

As you might expect, just like other impressive compounds, the results vary based on the quality of the formula you use on your skin. You can purchase any number of formulas from any number of makers, and you will see that not all with apple stem cells can turn around your skin’s condition.

Our formula counts on an award winning natural ingredient known as PhytoCellTec. It is entirely natural and without any chemical preservatives. However, we also turn to the benefits of natural compounds such as rosehip seed oil with high levels of vitamin A, E and fatty acids; HLA or hyaluronic acid that binds water to the skin at an unprecedented level, and lecithin which offers a good blend of B vitamins and acids.

Use It Daily

When used as a day serum, this Apple Stem Cells Serum in the 2-oz. size is going to be able to stimulate your skin to produce new cells at a much faster rate, to retain much more moisture, to produce more collagen, and to combat the signs of aging thanks to the many high quality, pure and natural ingredients. They used to tell us that an apple a day keeps the doctor away, and now we know that an apple stem cell serum each day will keep the wrinkles away!




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2 reviews for 2 oz. Stem Cells Serum

  1. 5 out of 5

    My dermatologist here in Miami recommended this product 3 months ago because I have a lot of sun damage and she said
    that the active ingredients in this stem cell serum helps to repair the damage caused by the sun. She was right, after 3 months of using this product I have noticed that the damage caused by too much tanning has gotten better, I recommend this product if you have sun damaged skin and want it repaired.

  2. 3 out of 5

    I live in Seattle and the lack of sun and cold temperatures were beginning to deteriorate my 35 old skin. In January someone from a coffee shop suggested I use this Jabalabs stem cell serum to repair my skin. As of May 2018 my skin is back to a healthy glow and free of acne and excess oil. I am convinced this stem cell serum helped a lot.

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2 oz. Stem Cells Serum