4 oz. Puffy Eyes and Dark Circles Cream

4 oz. Puffy Eyes and Dark Circles Cream

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4.50 out of 5 based on 2 customer ratings
(2 customer reviews)

With plant based Chrysin to Remove Dark Circles

Contains Eyeseryl to Reduce Puffy Eyes rapidly

Very Light Cream for Deep Absorption, washes easily

Organically Preserved with Leucidal



 Total ingredients: water, rosehip seed oil, sorbitol(natural emulsifier), sorbitan olivate(plant based emulsifier), centella asiatica(medicinal herb), argireline, Chrysin, palmitoyl oligopeptide, palmitoyl tetrapeptide-3, Goji extract, acai extract,ascorbyl palmitate(vitamin c ester), tocotrienol(vitamin E), hyaluronic acid, ecetyl tetrapeptide-5, potassium sorbate(natural preservative from mineral salt).

How to use: Clean and dry the skin under and around the eyes. Use Reviv Eye Q twice per day, in the morning and just before going to bed. Gently massage a small pea size drop of Reviv Eye Q under and around the  eyes until it is absorbed completely.


Do you struggle with puffy eyes and bags or dark circles around the eye area? If so, you may find it challenging to address these unwelcome issues. After all, just take a quick look through eye brightening or eye area products and you see they all seem to work differently and contain long lists of unrecognizable ingredients. It is why our Dark Circles & Puffy Eyes Cream in the 4-oz. size is your ideal solution.

The Eyes

Why do we develop so many skin issues around our eyes? Actually, there are many reasons for bags or dark circles around the eye. It might be related to pigmentation, fluid retention, allergies and/or sinus conditions, poor circulation, and more. That is why single product may claim to overcome the issue of dark circles, but may not actually correct the condition that is causing your eyes to those circles or bags.

The same can be said about other issues under the eyes, such as crow’s feet and more. Yet there actually are natural ingredients that can target several eye issues. It is just a matter of finding products that combine these beneficial ingredients to directly address the many different causes that lead to unwanted eye problems.

Our Formula

Our innovative and effective cream offers that blend of multi-symptom treatments. Our product uses medicinal herbs such as Chrysin and Centenella Asiatica, both known for their abilities to reduce (and in some instances eliminate) dark circles under the eye. We also include Eyeseryl, a patented product using decongesting compounds to enhance lymphatic circulation. Its multiple peptides reduce puffiness as well as dark circles.

Our Dark Circles & Puffy Eyes Cream in the 4-oz. size also contains hyaluronic acid to bind beneficial moisture to skin cells, and Matrixyl 3000, a highly peptide compound proven to stimulate skin repair.

Altogether, the ingredients ensure the product is long-lasting and truly anti-aging in addition be improving the look of the eye. Whether you’re tired of your crow’s feet or deep circles, these compounds can begin to undo the damage and improve the appearance of your eyes.

Natural Remedy

Use two small drops around each eye, twice daily, and this amazing cream will begin to overcome all of the issues that may be causing you to develop unwanted bags and dark circles. Effective, natural and multi-tasking, it is an ideal solution for those with any sort of skin issues around the eyes.




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2 reviews for 4 oz. Puffy Eyes and Dark Circles Cream

  1. 5 out of 5

    I am from Arab descent and have had dark circles under my eyes since my early teens, I started using my wife’s dark circles cream for about 2 months and I have less dark circles that even my friends have noticed. This dark circles cream has worked for me. I recommend it for people with dark circles under their eyes.

  2. 4 out of 5

    I started using this product because I have very big puffy eyes that have bothered me for a long time, I have tried many creams and serums and none seem to work until a friend of mine recommended this puffy eyes cream and after two months of daily use I can say that it has helped reduce my puffy eyes by a lot. I will continue using this product and will update this review to let you know if the my puffy eyes continue to get smaller. So far I am very impressed by the results.

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4 oz. Puffy Eyes and Dark Circles Cream