Enjoy High Profits in the Skincare Resale Business

Almost all of us have encountered skillful sales professionals at one time or another. We know the “obvious” sales people because they can so often come across as pushy or even aggressive, but the skillful pros are those who explain things with expertise, and offer up their product or service as a solution to a most distinct need. That is actually the essence of marketing – what sort of need does your service or product offer? Asking yourself this about your skincare resale products is a good way to begin learning how to speak with clients about your wholesale skincare options. However, and as is the case with most things, there is more to the story.

Your Expertise Is as Soothing as the Wholesale Skincare Merchandise

When we are in the hands of an expert, whether it be a dermatologist, doctor, masseuse, or other, we tend to have a lot more confidence in their advice and recommendations. Even if what they are suggesting goes beyond what we feel might be our basic needs, we typically take the advice.

This is a huge component of your success as a skincare resale professional. If you can easily, concisely and expertly explain why a certain product is going to be of benefit specifically to your clients, you will be able to ensure the long term growth of your wholesale skincare enterprise.

Just consider a simple example:

Let’s say you are a salon owner who provides clients with facials in addition to other esthetic treatments. You may do deep cleansing, some exfoliation, toning and other treatments. Now, imagine the benefits to your skincare resale business if you can also explain how certain anti aging formulations will be of benefit.

You apply a collagen product (such as a peptide cream) and explain how even as early as our late twenties we begin to lose our ability to crank out collagen or even maintain our original stores. This causes skin to sag and lose its elasticity. Yet, a simple application of daily peptide serum may work wonders at restoring your skin’s elasticity and tone. You can finish up a treatment of almost any kind with a hyaluronic acid serum, too.

This offers some of the most intense moisturization and achieves whatever the collagen cannot. It traps and binds water to healthy skin cells, keeping them robust and plump, helping your face to look dewy and youthful.

If your wholesale skincare business is in an area where seasonal changes present challenges to skin’s evenness and hydration, this can also be used to boost your sales.

Boosting Sales Without Pushing Products

By assessing a client’s skin and suggesting they address an issue you have noticed, and offering them a dab or sample of some of the products available through your skincare resale business, you are creating long term clients. After all, you cannot count on people to book visits on a regular basis, but you can gauge how much of any wholesale skincare formulation they will require over a single month, quarter or year. If you are an expert who advises the use of a specific regimen, you can almost forecast the exact number of sales you will enjoy over a fixed period.

Naturally, this also means you have to be as knowledgeable as possible about the benefits of the skincare for resale. Having only general answers such as “this is a good moisturizer” is never going to be enough. Instead, you need to have in-depth knowledge about something like your wholesale skincare options for hyaluronic acid serums. You have to explain how this compound works and why your formulation is a good choice.

That is the last part of your “expertise”; knowing how your skincare for resale is superior to other product lines or options. Find the highest quality wholesale skincare possible, and then explain why your clients need it, what it does, and why your formulas are the best and you’ll quickly grow your business.




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Enjoy High Profits in the Skincare Resale Business