What Is Acne Scarring and Can HA Serum Help?

Acne is a problem that is known for creating unsightly lesions on the skin. These are often infected and irritated, and even after they have ruptured and healed, they leave distinct scarring. In fact, it is so distinct that most people can easily distinguish acne scars from scars due to injury, burns or other issues. Fortunately, hyaluronic acid serums, or HA serums, are a valid approach to reducing the looks of acne scars. First, let’s look at exactly what acne scarring means and then we can better understand how HA serums might help.

An Acne Scar

While it may seem that all acne scars are alike, they actually differ. Scientists give them official names (rolling boxcar, ice pick, keloids, and so on), and there are common forms of scarring. In addition to the common forms, there are also the scars formed when someone picks at or squeezes an acne lesion or pimple. This actually causes the damage to spread out into surrounding tissue. There are also scars due to the picking of scabs during the healing process; worsening many scars.

In general, the acne affected a pore and this pore became incredibly swollen and then ruptured. If left alone, it might have healed without a scar, but if you had multiple lesions in one area, the intense irritation could make healing difficult, and deep breaks in cell walls might have lead to difficult to heal scars. Even if you were very conscientious during active breakouts and did not pick at or squeeze lesions, you can still have mild to intense acne scars.

The good news is that there are several treatment options available, and they range from somewhat complex and involve repeated visits to skincare professionals who will use treatments such as lasers or microneedles to encourage the skin to heal and regenerate, overcoming the scarring. There are also some proven and yet incredibly simple options, such as hyaluronic acid serums.

Hyaluronic Acid Serums Explained

An HA serum is a compound made from naturally occurring hyaluronic acid. It is in great abundance in most living things, and it helps transport water as well as serving as an insulating agent in certain connective tissues. The body is able to readily absorb it because it recognizes it, and it is already known for being one of the safest and longest lasting of the dermal fillers.

How can a dermal filler help with acne scars? Well, you won’t actually call upon the HA serum you use to function as a dermal filler. Instead, it is going to operate as a topical solution. When applied to the surface of the skin, HA serum plumps up the surrounding skin cells, hydrating and nourishing them. Automatically, this is beneficial to those with scars as it means the damaged cells are being given an opportunity to heal, produce a bit of collagen and connective tissue and reduce the severity or harshness of the scar itself.

However, if you rely on the HA Serums from JabaLabs you benefit even more. This is because the serum features HA in a low molecular weight. This translates to smaller molecules. While some of the HA serum sits on the surface of the skin, sealing it and hydrating it, it is also able to make its way into the dermis. This nurtures even more cellular plumping and nourishment, provides mild anti-inflammatory behaviors and helps to soften and heal the acne scars. The serum is also without risk thanks to its formulation, which is 100% vegan, made without any alcohols or skin irritants, and organically preserved. If you are tired of acne scars, this may be the simple, proven and effective remedy you have desired.





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What Is Acne Scarring and Can HA Serum Help?